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Newstead Park Weddings

Being centrally located and having sweeping river views, Newstead Park weddings are a popular ceremony location choice.

Choose from the iconic Newstead Park Rotunda, or the nearby River View lawn.

Newstead Rotunda

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Newstead Park Rotunda is a popular choice for wedding ceremonies, being situated on the riverfront, and accessible via a long winding footpath, the rotunda feels like it is almost completely surrounded by the Brisbane River.

This couple opted for our white aisle pillar wedding decor, upgrading to fresh floral arrangements in the aisle pillars and aisle chairs which after the ceremony were brought to the reception to be enjoyed throughout the evening.

Wedding at Newstead Rotunda

Image: Gabriel Veit

wedding at Newstead Park Rotunda decor

Smaller weddings can be seated inside the rotunda as pictured here. This couple opted for our white plinths with fresh olive branch arrangements and added our ice filled drink tubs for their own celebratory drinks to be enjoyed from.

Newstead Rotunda wedding styling

Newstead Rotunda weddings

Newstead Rotunda wedding

Images by Aisling Bourke Photos

An elegant ceremony setup inside Newstead rotunda with our Endless Love Deluxe wedding arbour and our white americana chairs.

Newstead Rotunda wedding ceremony decoration

We can comfortably fit 20 guests chairs and a wedding arbour inside the rotunda. This also doubles as a wet weather option for those with a smaller number of guests, and a beautiful shaded option for summer weddings.

Celebrant Jamie Eastgate wedding ceremony

These Newstead Rotunda wedding ceremony images were perfectly captured by Sugar Blush Photography with Celebrant Jamie Eastgate of Brisbane City Celebrants

You can view more of this happy Newstead Rotunda wedding on our blog here:

The happiest wedding at Newstead Rotunda – With Love – Brisbane Wedding Decorators

Weddings with a medium to large number of wedding guests can be set up with the guest chairs seated outside the Newstead Rotunda on either side of the path.

Pictured here is our chic wooden arbour setting at the Newstead Rotunda entrance.

Newstead rotunda wedding decoration

Our happy couple sealing the deal framed by the entrance of the rotunda.

Newstead Rotunda Wedding Decor

Image by Kouki Photography

This Newstead Rotunda wedding opted for draping, gold aisle pillars, fresh flowers and our gold self-serve drinks station.

Newstead Park Rotunda wedding styling

gold wedding drinks bar

Subject to the conditions of your council booking, Newstead rotunda can be decorated with draping as pictured.

Newstead Rotunda Wedding ceremony decoration

Newstead Rotunda can be styled with any of our wedding ceremony decor packages, from our custom designed ‘Beautiful Rotunda’ package, to our ‘Endless Love Deluxe Collection’ wedding ceremony package, with a simple white wedding arbour, perfectly designed to blend with the rotundas beams.

If you would like us to set up your Newstead rotunda wedding ceremony, we would love to hear from you! Check out our packages and pricing and contact us to confirm availability.

Newstead River View

The River view lawn at Newstead Park is beautifully maintained and offers a sparkling blue river backdrop with a grand old poinciana tree that blooms in the summer months and creates a gorgeous backdrop any time of the year.

This couple opted to have their ceremony in front of the tree, with a simple setting of our rose gold aisle pillars and fresh flowers to perfectly frame them during the ceremony.

Brisbane wedding decorations


River View wedding Newstead Park

When you order fresh flowers within your ceremony decor, these are yours to keep. So after the ceremony, the fresh flower arrangements were taken to the reception to decorate the tables and continue to be enjoyed throughout the evening.

Newstead Park wedding styling Brisbane

This couple opted for our rose gold circular wedding arbour, decorated with a vibrant native floral arrangement to compliment their wedding styling.Rose gold circular arch

Newstead park weddings

circular rose gold wedding arch flowers Brisbane

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Pictured here is our rose gold wedding arbour adorned with a classic neutral floral arrangement.

Circular Rose gold arbour flowers

Pictured here is our Endless Love Deluxe ceremony arbour at the beautiful Newstead Park with native flowers in glass bottles on aisle chairs.

This coupe opted to add our hubby and wifey chair signs which made for great photos.

wedding kiss

Newstead Riverview wedding photos by Nivekeel with Celebrant Cara – Brisbane City Celebrants and Lyndal Carmichael Photography

If you have enjoyed browsing these Newstead Park weddings and ceremony set ups, and would like us to set up your Newstead river view wedding ceremony, we would love to hear from you! Check out our packages and pricing and contact us to confirm availability.