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New Farm Park Weddings

With Love – Brisbane Wedding Decorators are Brisbane’s specialists for creating New Farm Park Rotunda wedding decor set ups. With years of experience in styling this highly sought after Brisbane wedding location, we have custom designed ceremony packages specifically to compliment the elegance of this spacious rotunda.

New Farm Park Rotunda Weddings

With an endless variety of options for the styling and layout of your ceremony, we invite you to scroll through the wide variety of configuration and layout options the New Farm Rotunda offers, followed by some gorgeous styling options for wedding ceremonies at New Farm Park Rotunda.

Wedding ceremony configurations at New Farm Park Rotunda

Traditional Ceremony Configuration

With chairs facing towards the river, pictured here with fresh greenery filled aisle pillars in the backdrop and also with fresh floral aisle pillars.

Wedding Aisle Pillars with flowers

Pictured here is our Hampton style backdrop in the traditional ceremony layout.

New Farm Park Rotunda weddings

Pictured here are our aisle pillars adorned with dried flowers in shades of pinks and a hint of burgundy to perfectly compliment the rotunda.

Wedding decorations New Farm Rotunda


New Farm Wedding ceremony aisle pillars

Our ‘Beautiful Rotunda’ wedding ceremony decor package can also be set up with the aisle pillars at the entry of the rotunda, fresh flowers are available in your choice of colours.

Wedding aisle pillar flowers New Farm Rotunda

The following areas are designated booking sites that can be booked through the council giving you exclusive use of the area.

Left or right side with traditional ceremony configuration

Making the most of the New Farm Parks gorgeous old trees, the backdrop may also be set up at the left or right side of the rotunda.

This wedding was set up on the left side of the rotunda and the couple added a beautiful native greenery arrangement to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. This arrangement later doubled as a beautiful floral feature on the bridal table at their reception.

New Farm Park Rotunda Wedding hire

Inward facing ceremony configuration

By having each side of the wedding aisle facing inwards, this instantly doubles the number of guests with a front row seat, giving all your guests a really great view of your ceremony.

Circular wedding New Farm Park Rotunda

The chairs can also be placed in straight lines on either side of the wedding aisle facing inward.

Inward facing rotunda wedding ceremony New Farm

styling ideas for New Farm Park Rotunda weddings

From circular ceremony settings to aisle pillars with fresh flowers at the entry of New Farm Rotunda, we encourage you to scroll through the many settings we have created for ideas for your New Farm Park Rotunda or lawn wedding ceremony.

Hampton Style backdrop with dried flowers

Our Hampton style backdrop is an elegant option that creates a simply stunning backdrop for your ceremony.

New Farm Park Rotunda wedding

New Farm Rotunda wedding

wedding arbour Brisbane

rotunda wedding New Farm

Images by Still Wild Love

Brightly coloured wedding flowers

Colourful wedding ceremony flowers

Images by Cloud Catcher Studio

Dried flowers in aisle pillars backdrop

Pictured here is a combination of our wedding aisle pillars adorned with dried flowers in shades of pink with a hint of burgundy. Perfect for the rotunda.

wedding ceremony setup New Farm Brisbane

Wedding decoration New Farm Rotunda

Images by Still Wild Love

Greenery floral wreath


New Farm Wedding Brisbane

Images by Light Smith Images

Wedding Arbour Setting

Pictured here is our elegant arbour with a fresh floral arrangement inside the rotunda. Our fresh white Americana chairs on the wooden floor boards look stunning.

Tree Weddings at New farm Park

Many of our couples choose to have their ceremony beneath the beautiful old tree beside the rotunda, with the rotunda as their back up wet weather option, or for post ceremony cocktail hour with nibbles and drinks for their guests.

Tree wedding New Farm Park Brisbane

Image by Wildflower weddings

We were so happy to receive the following 5 star review on our With Love – Brisbane Wedding Decorators Facebook page from the happy newlyweds:

“Thank you again for being so easy to work with and for making our ceremony look so special and natural, you really set the tone for our wedding which was a very relaxed and romantic day, and even though we moved the ceremony from the rotunda as planned, to under a tree just a few days before the wedding to accommodate the number of guests attending, you still managed to exceed my expectations with how amazing everything looked.

I can’t thank you enough.” Amanda x

Images: When Elephant Met Zebra

This couple opted for our Pure Love ceremony decor package and added fresh floral arrangements in vibrant colours on the aisle chairs, and additional chairs totaling 60 guest chairs so there was a seat for every wedding guests.

Wedding chair decor Brisbane

New farm Park tree wedding

Please note while bookings can be made to request use of the area beneath the tree beside the rotunda, as part of your New Farm Park Rotunda booking, Brisbane City Council don’t permit the use of draping or other items to be hung from or attached to the trees at New Farm Park.

Rose Gold Wedding Styling

Rose gold wedding ceremony decor works perfectly with the wooden floors and park surrounds of New Farm Park Rotunda.

Pictured here are some of the various ways we can incorporated rose gold elements in your wedding ceremony. Our rose gold wedding collection includes rectangular and circular rose gold wedding arches, rose gold aisle plinths, rose gold draping, small rose gold tables and rose gold vases.

Images by Smile Darling Photography

Our Celebrant Jamie Eastgate loves wedding at New Farm Park Rotunda as much as we do! If you are planning a rose petal shower exit he will have the guests briefed perfectly so your confetti photos look amazing!

Cocktail hour settings

New Farm Park is the perfect location to continue the celebrations and treat your guests to cocktail hour with drinks and nibbles.

cocktail wedding New Farm Park

Circular wreath wedding ceremonies

Custom made with fresh flowers in your choice of colour/s and style, if you love the modern concept of standing within a fresh floral wreath as you share vows and say ‘I Do’, this could be the setting for you.

New Farm Park Rotunda wedding setting

New Farm Park Rotunda is the perfect location for a floral wreath or circular ceremony setup. Pictured here are a variety of floral wreath options that can be ordered in your choice of coloured flowers. Fresh floral wreaths are quoted on request by our Florist.

Ferry View – New Farm Park

The Ferry View site at New Farm Park is located on the riverfront lawn. While weddings here can be set up with the river in the backdrop, many couples opt for a tree or park backdrop instead which eliminates having people walking behind you during the ceremony which can affect your wedding photos.

Pictured here is a stunning wedding with our white circular wedding arbour which looked amazing framing the couple in front of a beautiful old tree.



We can’t get enough of this rose petal shower exit!

New Farm Park wedding decor hire

Images by Cloud Catcher Studio

Powerhouse View – New Farm Park

The Powerhouse View lawn is a riverfront lawn located beside the Powerhouse. Your ceremony backdrop offers a choice of the river, the Powerhouse building, a beautiful old tree or the park.

Pictured here between the Powerhouse View and River View designated booking sites, is our elegant white arbour.

White wedding arbour hire Brisbane

Pictured here is our Hampton style wedding arbour, positioned with the 2 doors apart to create an open arbour backdrop, with a fresh floral arrangement.

Wedding Arbour Flowers

Pictured here is our rose gold circular wedding arch with fresh flowers.

Pictured below our elegant arbour at the Powerhouse View lawn at New Farm Park.

Powerhouse view wedding New Farm

River View – New Farm Park

The River View site is located towards the middle of the riverfront lawn at New Farm Park. Pictured here is our ever popular ‘Pure Love’ wedding ceremony decor package in a variety of layouts to showcase some of the options available.

americana chair hire Brisbane

Pictured here is our Pure Love ceremony decor package in a traditional wedding ceremony configuration on a quiet week day morning in New Farm Park.

Pictured below is our Pure Love wedding ceremony package, configured in a circular setting, with and without a floral wreath in the middle.

Wedding Chair Hire Circular ceremony

Rose Gardens – New Farm Park

The New Farm Park rose gardens are suited to small and intimate weddings and elopements as there are no designated booking sites in this area that can be reserved for your exclusive use through the council.

The roses are usually cut back during winter, and will bloom again in Spring, through the summer and well in to Autumn.

white wedding arbour

New Farm Park elopement images by Smile Darling Photography

As draping or décor is not permitted on the rose garden arbour structures, our stunning four poster wedding arbour makes a stunning alternative as pictured here for a sunset ceremony.

As the rose gardens are part of the public park, if you opt for this area for your ceremony, use of the area is based on a first in best dressed basis so it is recommended that you choose an off peak time of the week and day, and are flexible to move your ceremony to another available area within the park if it’s not available on the day of your wedding.

sunset elopement Brisbane

New Farm Park offers a stunning variety of ceremony lawns and the iconic New farm Park Rotunda. These can be booked through Brisbane City Council for exclusive use.

New farm Park Rotunda weddings

If you love the idea of having your wedding at New Farm Park, as specialist in designing and setting up weddings at this location, we would love to hear from you. Contact us now and let’s start planning your New Farm Park wedding decor.